Changes to the Constitution

Reasoning for Changes to the Constitution


   I believe that certain principles about how the new country should be managed must be written into the Constitution.  While I believe that the basic Constitution of the United States should be adopted in the new country, some provisions need to be added and some provisions need to be clarified while a few need to be eliminated.  Over the past 230 years we have learned that liberal interpretations of the Constitution have resulted in dramatic changes to the ideals of our founding fathers. Therefore, the Supreme Court should be required to look at the reasoning for each section of the Constitution when interpretating the Constitution.  That is the purpose of the following sections.  I will leave it to others to actually write a new Constitution.

   I believe that the wording of the new Constitution should be as short and concise as possible.  However, I also believe that the rational for many sections needs to be included as part of the Constitution.  Therefore, I am recommending that an addendum be included for each section of the Constitution which clearly outlines the reasoning and any specifics needed to ensure that the meaning is not later changed by the Congress or the Supreme Court.  These addendums would have the same power of the Constitution itself.

   One primary example would be income taxes.  The maximum tax rates, exemptions and credits would be clearly documented.  The method of calculating business taxable income would also need to be included so that the tax collectors could not make up their own rules as the IRS does now.  Once these are included as an addendum to the Constitution, they could only be changed by two-thirds vote in Congress and ratified by 75% of the States.