Anyone who is a legal citizen of the United States and a resident of the seceding state as of the date of independence will automatically become a citizen of this country. This provision will not apply to “anchor babies.”

   Anyone who is a legal citizen living in another State who did not secede from the United States of America at the date of independence can apply to become a citizen of this country and will be given priority over other applicants.  However, this will not apply to “anchor babies” who were born in the United States but whose parents were not legal citizens.

   Any other person who wishes to apply for citizenship may do so.  If they are approved they will be given a work visa and must work and contribute to the general economy.  After a period of 10 years they will be evaluated and granted citizenship if it is judged that they are worthy.

   Others who want to work in this country can apply for a work permit.  They must have a job and must continue to work while they are in the country.  Work permits will be limited to one year and can only be extended if the person has a full-time job.

   Students who want to attend an accredited school in this country can apply for a student visa.  Student visas will be for one year and must be extended annually.  Student visas can be denied to criminals, drug addicts and anyone who is considered undesirable.  Any student who graduates from an accredited college, university or trade school and who has a full time job will be given priority over other applicants.  Their school time will be credited against the 10 year work requirement.

   Persons who wish to vacation in the country must have a valid passport.

   Persons passing through on a temporary basis, i.e. truck drivers, travelers, etc. can enter the country for no more than 48 hours without getting a passport.

   Anyone who is not in this country legally can be arrested and deported.  After the first offense, the person will be arrested and sentenced to jail for a minimum of one year.  Illegal aliens will be subject to the illegal immigration laws of their country or this country, which ever laws are the most stringent.