The goal of these provisions is to make elections open to ordinary citizens and not just the moneyed elite.  They are designed to limit campaign spending and yet, give all of the serious candidate’s equal access to the voters.  It is also designed to reduce party bickering.

   First, no candidate, organization or group may spend any money or provide any in-kind services to promote or oppose any candidate, except as noted below.  All elections will be non-partisan, i.e. there will be no political affiliations. This could be changed to include conservative, moderate and liberal party affiliations.


    The Presidential candidates will file for office by January 15 of the year of the election.   Candidates must be at least 40 years of age on the date of the election and must be a naturalized citizen of the Country.

   If more than four candidates file then a primary election will be held on the first Tuesday of July for all candidates who obtain the signatures of at least 1% of the registered voters.  Each State will hold candidate forums and all candidates will have equal access to such forums.  All newspapers will be required to publish an election “forum” section for four weeks prior to the primary.  All candidates will be given equal space and the “forum” will be paid from the filing fees and federal funds, if necessary.  Each candidate may create a web site to outline their position on the issues.

   The four candidates receiving the most votes will face off in the general election to be held on the first Tuesday in November.   Candidates will be chosen based on a series of debates to be paid for out of general revenue funds.  Each candidate will be allowed to create a web-site and have two non-paid persons to assist them in their election efforts.

   The media will not be allowed to support any candidate.  Any media who misrepresent information about a candidate or take statements out of context in order to bias the voters will be subject to substantial fines and imprisonment for repeated violations.  If any such actions are reported by the candidate, then the media will be required to print / air a retraction which corrects the offense and does it in such a way as to be covered five times the original coverage.



Note – The limitation on political campaign spending could be circumvented by persons who advertise on networks in other countries!