Term Limits

   There have been many suggestions for term limits for Congress.  In Europe, term limits have resulted in the bureaucrats running everything because they know that the elected officials will be gone in a few years.

   Instead of term limits I recommend a system that will simply discourage career politicians.  First, the capitol should be located in the middle of a cornfield in, say, Nebraska.  The government should erect military style barracks with a military style mess hall.  All members of Congress will be required to live in the barracks and eat in the mess hall.  They will not be allowed to leave the area and cannot bring their families.

   No member of Congress or their family or friends will be allowed to profit from “inside information”.  Any member of Congress who attempts to benefit from “inside information” or who passes such information on to another party shall be imprisoned for one year.  In addition, any person who profits from such information will also be imprisoned for one year and subject to a fine of three times the amount gained from such information.

   Congress shall meet no more than three months per year in the dead of Winter.  Congressmen will be paid a minimal salary of, say, $3,000 per month.  The government will pay for transportation to and from the Capitol once per year.  All meetings with lobbyists will be recorded and posted on the Congressional web-site.  Any Congressman who meets with a lobbyist outside of an approved area will be retired.


Under these rules – who would want to become a career politician?