Conspiracy Theories


Many Americans believe in conspiracy theories.  That is because the government refuses to release all pertinent facts surrounding these events.  A prime example is the assisination of President John F. Kennedy.  Even today, there are still some facts that are classified top secret and have not been released.  The same is true with the 911 tragedy.  Who knows when all of the relevant facts will be released?  The government often appoints a commission to investigate these cases but it appears that their real goal is to cover up what actually happened.  So, lets look at a few of the events that led us into bogus wars.


The Civil War

When the South seceded from the United States there was little support in the North for declaring war on the South.  President Lincoln stated publically that he was willing to let the South leave peaceably.   At the same time he was plotting to goad the South into attacking the United States.  He did this by sending ships to re-stock Fort Sumter off the South Carolina coast.  This fort was clearly in Southern territory and he knew that the South would see this action as an invasion.  President Lincoln was advised by his own Cabinet not to send ships to Fort Sumter as this would surely start a war with the Confederacy.  General Winfield Scott, Lincoln’s top military commander, advised the president to abandon Fort Sumter.

Historian Bruce Catton described how Lincoln maneuvered the South into firing the first shot of the war which made the South appear to be the aggressor:

“Lincoln had been plainly warned by (his military advisers) that a ship taking provisions to Fort Sumter would be fired on.  Now he was sending the ship, with advance notice to the men who had the guns.  He was sending war ships and soldiers as well …  If there was going to be a war it would begin over a boat load of salt port and crackers …  Not for nothing did Captain Fox remark afterward that it seemed very important to Lincoln that South Carolina ‘should stand before the civilized world as having fired upon bread’.”

Thus, the United States declared war on the Confederacy as a result of a plot by President Lincoln to goad the South into firing the first shot at Fort Sumter.


The Spanish / American War

   In the late 1890s President McKinley was being pressured to protect American business interests in Cuba which were worth over $1.2 billion in todays currency.  The main street media of Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer were fabricating stories of horrible conditions in Cuba under Spanish rule.  In 1898 President McKinley sent the USS Maine to Cuba to calm fears and as a show of force.

   Three weeks after arriving the USS Maine exploded and 266 members of the crew were killed.  There was never any conclusive evidence that Spain sunk the ship but that did not stop President McKinley from using this as an excuse to declare war on Spain.  In fact, there was much evidence to indicate that a spontaneous coal bunker fire detonated the ammunition magazines which caused the ship to sink.

World War I

WWI began primarily as a war between Germany and Great Britain.  In public, the United States was neutral but behind the scenes, President Wilson supported Great Britain.  In order to convince the American public that we needed to enter the war,  stories of war attrocies were fabricated.  In one instance, German soldiers who peacefully crossed through Belgium were accused of cutting off the hands of children, raping nuns, turning corpses into margarine and tossing babies from bayonet to bayonet.  None of these stories were ever proven.

Great Britain established an illegal blockade of Germany in international waters.  They mined the seas which destroyed many international ships.  They refused to let food into Germany and thus tried to starve the German citizens.  However, when Germany did the same thing to Great Britain with their submarines President Wilson was outraged.

It has been documented that one of the primary reasons for the U.S. to enter the war was to protect the banks, especially JP Morgan, who had loaned vast amounts of money to England and France.  Since neutral countries were not allowed to loan money directly to either side in the war the U.S. could not make loans to either of these countries.  However, once the U.S. entered the war one of the first major expenditures was to loan $200 million to England and $100 million to France.  These countries used this money to repay J.P. Morgan.  Later, when the Allies could not repay loans from J.P. Morgan the U.S. Treasury simply began printing money to pay these debts.  This resulted in a devaluation of the dollar by 50%.

In order to draw the United States into the war, President Wilson and Churchill schemed to provoke Germany into sinking to Lusitania, a British passenger ship that included many Americans.  The ship was actually a well armed British war ship carrying munitions to England.  It is now known that the ship carried 600 tons of gun cotton (which was six times more powerful than gun powder), six million rounds of ammunition, 1,248 cases of shrapnel shells with explosive charges.

Germany had tried to warn Americans not to travel on the Lusitania by placing ads in all the major newspapers.  However, the US government banned these ads and they only appeared in one newspaper, the Des Moines Register.  Then, when the Lusitania was off the coast of Ireland the British navel escort was pulled off and the ship was ordered to reduce speed by one-fourth.  This made it a sitting duck for the German U-Boats.  When the German torpedo struck the ship it exploded the munitions stored inside and sunk in less than 18 minutes.  One hundred fifty-nine Americans were killed.  Thus, Wilson had the motive to enter the war.

World War II

Prior to WWII President Roosevelt assured the Americans that we were not going to enter the war while he was secretly making plans to enter the war.  He just needed an excuse.  He found it when the Administration learned that Japan was making plans to bomb Pearl Harbor.  In anticipation, he ordered all ships out of the area between Hawaii and Japan, thus opening the entire northern pacific for the Japanese attack.

The President was well aware of the Japanese intentions, having intercepted over 1,000 messages of the Japanese attack.  In anticipation, the Navy removed its most valuable ships, mostly aircraft carriers, from the area.  However, no one at Pearl Harbor was warned.  There have been many speculations as to why FDR wanted to enter the war but one of the most compelling is that he wanted to protect the American bankers who had loaned large amounts of money to the Allies.  If they lost the war then most of these loans would never be repaid.


The Viet Nam War

The US entered the Viet Nam War based on a an attack on two US destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin.  It is now known that the US destroyers misinterpreted radar and radio signals as attacks by the North Vietnamese navy.  It has been established that no North Vietnamese ships were in the area when the reported attack occurred.  The President used this “incident” to convince Congress and the American people to start a war they didn’t want.


   All of these incidents were “investigated” by commissions appointed by the government.  However, every one of these commissions were stacked with persons who would never investigate the real causes of these incidents.  All of them shifted blame away from the government and withheld critical information from the public claiming they were for national security purposes.

September 11, 2001 Attacks

   This leads to the 911 attacks and the conspiracy theories that followed.  We will probably never know what actually happened.  However, based on the cover-ups that followed all of the above incidents, including John F. Kennedy’s assignation, is it any wonder why many Americans are skeptical?  Why was so much information from these incidents classified as top secret?  Why were the commissions that investigated these incidents “stacked” to ensure that the public would never find out what happened?  Why does it take 50 years for this information to be released to the public?

   I think we all know the answer – the powers to be have something to hide!  They label persons who question the commission’s findings as conspiracy theorists or 911 truthers in order to make them look like kooks.

The following You Tube video describes an interesting theory on what really happened to the Towers.  I do not know how factual this video is but it certainly is plausible.



The following You Tube video describes how Building 7 at the World Trade Center was demolished as part of the 911 tragedy.  Again, I have no way of knowing whether this is true but it has raised a lot of questions similar to the above video.


Finally, there is a web site that tells who benefited from the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers and may explain why no action was taken by the government to avoid this tragedy.  Again, I do not vouch for this site.  Once you have logged onto the site enter “Larry Silverstein” in the search box to locate the article.