Addendums to the Constitution

   Addendums to the Constitution are designed to explain the logic behind each section. The logic will not be included in the actual Constitution because it would make the document too long.  When interpreting the Constitution, the Supreme Court must look to these Addendums to determine the Constitution’s intent.  They will have the effect of law and can only be changed by a two-thirds vote of Congress and must be approved by 75% of the States.  They include the following sections:


Powers of the President

  • Secretary of Finance
  • Treaties
  • Enforcement of Laws
  • Annual Budget
  • Statistical Information


Powers of Congress

  • Lay & Collect Taxes
  • Borrow Money
  • Coin Money
  • Establish Bankruptcy Laws
  • Declare War
  • Establish Uniform Immigration Laws
  • Establish Environmental Laws
  • Regulate Interstate Commerce
  • Prohibit Nanny Laws
  • Regulate Banks
  • Establish a Business / Consumer Web Site
  • Establish Laws against Collusion, Price Fixing and Predatory Pricing


Bill of Rights

  • Freedom of Speech / Press
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Right to Bear Arms
  • Property Rights