Property Rights

    In addition to the property rights included in the original Constitution, all persons will have the right to protect their own property.  This will give property owners the right to use deadly force on anyone who forcibly enters their home or business.  It will also give individuals the right to protect their person and family should they be attacked in public.  If they can show that they feared for their lives then they will have the right to kill an attacker, even by shooting them in the back.

   The government will have the right of eminent domain for the construction of public roads, power transmission lines and pipelines which are for the general welfare of the Country.  However, the government will not have the right to take someone’s property and sell it to a private developer in order to increase tax revenues.

   Adverse possession laws will be abolished as this is an invasion of personal property rights.

   The government will not have the right to effectively take private property to protect endangered species or to protect wetlands.  If the government wishes to protect such property they will have to purchase the property in an arm’s length transaction with the owner.  If the owner must sue the government to get fair value for their property then the government will pay all costs of the land owner in such suit.