Powers of the President



Secretary of Finance:

The Secretary of Finance shall be responsible for managing the budgets, the national debt, collecting taxes and gathering statistical information.  The Secretary of Finance will also be responsible for coining money and to ensure that all paper money is backed 100% by gold or silver.




   The President shall be responsible for negotiating treaties with other nations.  These treaties shall be prepared in conjunction with the Senate and must be ratified by 60% of the Senate. All treaties must be fully disclosed to the citizens for a 60 day period prior to being voted on by the Senate.  Any provision of any treaty which violates the Constitution will be null and void.



Enforcement of Laws:

   The President will be required to enforce all Federal laws.  The only exception will be any law which the President believes to be unconstitutional.  If the President believes a law to be unconstitutional he will have 60 days in which to request an opinion from the Supreme Court.  The Court will give such Presidential requests top priority and will hear said cases within 60 days of filing.  Should the Court find parts of the law unconstitutional they will be returned to Congress for amendments.  If the Court finds the entire law unconstitutional it will be considered null and void.  If the Court finds the law constitutional then the President will be required to enforce the law as written.  Failure to enforce the law will be grounds for impeachment.



Annual Budget:

   The President, in conjunction with the Secretary of Finance, will submit an annual budget to Congress prior to January 15 each year.  The budget must comply with the Constitution in that spending must be less than 10% of GDP and cannot increase the national debt to more than 10% of GDP.  If the prior year’s budget exceeds either of these limits then the current year’s budget must be cut in order to compensate for the prior year.  If a budget is not approved by the deadline then spending will be cut across the board by 10% per year until a budget is approved.



Statistical Information:

All businesses will be required to provide the following information on a monthly bases via the internet:

  1. Listing of all employee earnings including total hours worked, total amount paid and taxes withheld
  2. Listing of all sales broken down into Retail Sales and All other sales
  3. Total of sales exported
  4. Total products imported
  5. No other information will be gathered by the government

This information will be tabulated by state and published within 15 days of the end of the month by the Secretary of Finance.  There will be no “seasonable” adjustments to any data.

Any manipulation of these statistics will be punishable with a $10,000 fine per occurrence and one year in jail.