Overview of New Government


   The new government will be based on the Judeo / Christian beliefs of the Founding Fathers.  It will be based on a limited federal government and personal freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The government will help those who cannot help themselves but will not help those who refuse to help themselves.  By reducing and simplifying taxes and regulations, businesses will flock to this country and welfare will be returned to the private sector.  These policies will create millions of new high paying  jobs which will raise the living standards of all workers and wean them off of government dependence.

   The government will not be a nanny state or a politically correct state. Public employee unions will be prohibited. It will promote private enterprise but will not provide any assistance to individual companies (i.e. no bailouts or corporate welfare.)  It will create a level playing field so that all businesses can compete without special favors from the government. Elections will be returned to the people and elected offices will not be career jobs.  There will be no “Czars” forming a shadow government which is not elected or ratified by Congress.  The Attorney General will be completely independent from the Executive and Legislative Branches and will be charged with monitoring all illegal government activities.  There will be a balance between economic growth and the environment.

   There will never be a situation where the government “steals” private property because it has been declared a wetlands or is inhabited by an “endangered species”.  There will never be a situation where a lobster salesman is sent to jail for six years for packaging lobster tails in plastic bags instead of cardboard boxes as required by some foreign country.  There will never be a situation where the Federal government has the ability to regulate yard sales.  There will never be a situation where the Federal government has the ability to regulate a business because they accept credit cards.  There will never be a situation where the Federal government can require individuals to purchase a product. There will never be a situation where a town such as Tombstone Arizona would be prohibited from rebuilding its water distribution system because of endangered species (that no longer exist). The Federal government will be forbidden from overtaxing the states and then using this revenue to coerce the states into doing what the federal government wants.  The Federal government will not be permitted to regulate or control churches simply because they are the beneficiaries of tax deductions for charitable contributions.

      The only way to control the power of the Federal Government is to control its ability to tax, spend and print money.  Therefore,   Federal government spending will be limited to 10% of Gross Domestic Product. (The United States currently spends 23% of GDP and West Virginia spends 18% of GDP.) The Federal Government will be limited to incurring debt to 10% of Gross Domestic Product.  The Federal Government will be prohibited from printing money that is not backed by gold, silver or other precious metals.

   The Federal government will be prohibited from using taxpayer money to support any private enterprise or to bail out any business. Welfare assistance will be limited to 5% of total government spending.    The government will be prohibited from owning businesses.  Therefore, water and sewer businesses, solid waste disposal and landfill businesses, hospitals, etc. will be sold to private companies.  Government agencies such as the FAA and the Post Office will be privatized.

   The Federal government will be prohibited from collecting gasoline taxes – only the states will be allowed to tax gasoline. Gasoline taxes will be used exclusively for the construction and maintenance of public roads.    The gasoline tax will be reduced over time to make this country more competitive and to reduce consumer costs.  “Sin taxes” will only be collected by the States and they must be segregated from other funds and used exclusively for the treatment of the “sinners”.  Lotteries will be prohibited.

   In order to limit government taxes, and thus government spending, no person or immediate family member who will directly benefit from any tax increase or bond levy may vote for such increase. For example, if a school district wants to float a new bond levy then all employees of the school system and their immediate families will be prohibited from voting in the election.  If an individual pays no income taxes (with the exception of retired persons) they will be prohibited from voting in any election.


   The President will be required to submit a budget to Congress at least 120 days prior to the start of each fiscal year.  The total spending will be limited to 10% of the previous year’s Gross Domestic Product and the National Debt cannot exceed 10% of GDP.  Congress will have 60 days to propose changes to the budget and present their own budget to the President.  If a budget is not passed by the end of the fiscal year then the prior year’s budget will continue in effect but will be reduced by 10% until a budget compromise is reached.  The President will have a line item veto to eliminate “pork” and Congress will need a 2/3 vote to override such veto.

   All appropriations bills must stand on their own.  That is, amendments to, say, a national defense bill, cannot be used to fund pet projects envisioned by Congress.

   The intent is to create an entrepreneurial environment that will foster growth and will create new jobs within this country.  In other words, this new country will be the new Hong Kong.  This will be accomplished through reduced and simplified taxes and reduced regulations.  Within ten years, this new country should double its Gross Domestic Product and within twenty years double it again.

   I recommend that the current Constitution of the United States of America be adopted with some small changes and clarifications to clearly reflect the intent of the Founders and some changes that have occurred in the last 230 years.