Primary education will be returned to the local jurisdiction.  The citizens of each jurisdiction will determine how their children are to be educated.  They can build schools, hire and fire teachers, principals and workers.  They can determine how students can be disciplined. They can determine what text books are to be used in their schools and what type of school lunches, if any, will be provided.

   Each school district should have the ability to establish boards for elementary, middle and high schools.  These boards should include parents who have children in those schools, teachers, students and local business leaders in order to set policies for the management of the schools.

   No school will be required to teach abusive or unruly students.  No school will be required to teach students whose IQs are less than minimum standards.  Schools will be free to separate students by learning ability in order to allow the teachers to teach to each class’s abilities.  In other words, there should be no “dumbing down” of the students.  There will be no incentives for schools to pass students who have not met minimum standards of their grade level.

   Primary education schools should teach students about saving, investing, loans, businesses, credit cards, etc. so that students have the ability to manage their finances and build a better future for themselves and their families.  They should teach students about healthy lifestyles, including nutrition and exercise. They must teach students the real history of the founding of the United States and why the Constitution was drafted as it was.  They must teach the real history of what happened to the United States that caused the secession of the conservative states.  They should also teach Christian as well as Darwinian concepts as to the creation of the earth so that the students have the knowledge to choose what to believe.

   The Federal governments roll in primary education will be limited to making recommendations on curriculum’s, text books, hours, etc.  However, the Federal government will have no say in the day to day operations of the schools.

    The parents of any student who cannot be educated by the public school system should receive a voucher that can be used to find alternative private education.  The voucher should be for 75% of the amount of the average cost of educating a student in their school district. Any parent who chooses to send their children to a private school would receive the same voucher.

   Secondary education will be privatized and will no longer be supported by the government.  The primary goal of colleges should be to educate students to prepare them for a job.  No degrees should be given for general studies such as liberal arts that do not provide a clear job path.  Private colleges should compete for student dollars by providing the best quality education possible.

   Some of the smaller colleges in the state should be converted to work / study programs so that all students have the opportunity to work their way through college.  There are currently eight colleges that support these programs:

College of the Ozarks – Missouri

Alice Lloyd College – Kentucky

Berea College – Kentucky

Blackburn College – Illinois

Ecclesia College – Arkansas

Sterling College – Vermont

Warren Wilson College – North Carolina

Deep Springs College – California


   West Virginia currently has eight four year colleges plus 10 two year institutions that could be converted to work / study colleges.  Each college should specialize in a specific area, such as health care, business / finance, education, engineering, etc. so they can provide the highest quality education in their field as efficiently as possible.

   Vocational schools should be created in order to provide practical education for those who choose not to attend college.  They should teach subjects such as wiring, plumbing, auto & diesel mechanics, carpentry, computer repair, refrigeration repair, etc.  The goal would be to provide practical education that students can immediately use to find a job.

   There will be no government subsidized tuition assistance.  This has been the primary cause of the rapid growth in the cost of college tuition.