Enforcement of Laws

   Enforcement of all laws should be based on the intent of the law.  If a citizen has complied with the intent, but not the letter of the law then it should not be considered a violation.  For example, if a driver comes to a virtual stop at a stop sign before proceeding then the law has not been broken.  On the other hand, if a driver just rolls through a stop sign then they have broken the law.  This will require judgment on the part of the police.

   If there are conflicting laws and the citizen has complied with one law then they could not be convicted for not complying with the second law.  In such cases, the courts would be required to petition the legislature to correct the problem or to turn the information over to the Attorney General for resolution.  Jury nullification could be used when the jury believes that a case brought by the government is unjust, regardless of what the law says.  This would prevent the government from going after citizens for trivial violations of the law.