Reasons for Secession


   The Constitution, as envisioned by the founding fathers, has been dramatically changed by liberal interpretations of the Supreme Court and it has been stretched to its limits by the President and the Congress. The Federal government has taken away the rights of the States and the People.  The “Welfare Clause”, the “Commerce Clause” and the “Fourteenth Amendment” have been twisted and contorted to the point that States rights have been virtually eliminated and the unalienable “Right to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness” as provided for in the Declaration of Independence, has been abolished.  Then, the “Sixteenth Amendment”, which allows the Federal Government to tax virtually all income, provided the Federal Government with the means to finance the absolute control over the States and their People.  Finally, the “Seventeenth Amendment” shifted the balance of power from the states to the Federal Government by eliminating the state’s ability to select their own Senators.

   The Federal Government is refusing to enforce its own laws, specifically immigration laws, and is entering into international treaties which will weaken our defenses and force us to re-distribute our wealth to foreign countries. The President is changing laws which were written by Congress through executive orders which is absolutely unconstitutional.   Finally, the Federal government created the Federal Reserve system which is, for all intensions, a Bank of the United States, which is privately owned and is not accountable to anyone.  Through it, the government is illegally bailing out large banks and large companies using taxpayer money and it is printing money out of thin air which causes inflation and is the primary cause of our boom and bust cycles.