Patriotic Songs



I Am America – Krista Branch

I get chills every time I watch this video! This is what my web site is devoted to!

I wish I could link to her original video.  It is much better than this one.  You can still find it on You Tube.


Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue – Toby Keith

Not the best video of this song but no ads!



God Bless the USA – Lee Greenwood


Where Were You when the World Stopped Turning – Alan Jackson


Where the Stars & Stripes & Eagles Fly – Aaron Tippin

This is what America used to be.  This is what I want to restore through secession.


American Soldier – Toby Keith

Regardless of how you feel about the wars – we must support our soldiers.  And, we must take care of those who return with disabilities and the families of those who did not return.  To do any less is not American.



Made In America – Toby Keith


In America – Charlie Daniels

This song was actually recorded in the late 1970s.  Hope it’s true.